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Arizona Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance in Arizona

While primary policies such as auto and home insurance come with the guarantee of protecting you against various liability claims, chances are you will still fall short of covering significant expenses during unforeseen incidences. Umbrella insurance fills this gap, coming in handy as a secondary policy for residents and businesses within Arizona. To get more details of what umbrella coverage is all about, read on for the complete guide by Manzanita Insurance.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Property Damage Liability

When you cause an accident that exceeds your auto policy cover, umbrella insurance helps you offset the cost of damage to other motorists’ vehicles and property. Examples of costs covered include repair expenses for tangible property and replacement costs when vehicles cannot be salvaged.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability kicks in when underlying covers such as auto, home, and boat policies get exhausted while covering 3rd party bodily injury harm. Injuries can occur when pets harm your guests at your Prescott, AZ house or during accidental falls. Umbrella insurance helps pay for the treatment costs, with examples being prescription expenses and examination fees.

Landlord Liability

If you own rental properties and your tenants suffer harm due to poorly constructed structures, umbrella insurance will pay for landlord liability costs related to their injuries. If you are also sued for such bodily harm, umbrella insurance will cover the legal fees and damages awarded during legal trials.

General Liability Lawsuits

Numerous primary policies fail to cover general liability claims, resulting in expensive legal expenses for individuals and businesses. Some claims covered by umbrella insurance include slander due to false spoken statements and libel from erroneous written statements. If you also falsely arrest, imprison or detain guests at your property, umbrella coverage will protect you. Additionally, mental anguish is also covered along with malicious prosecution.

To learn more about umbrella insurance within Arizona, reach out to Manzanita Insurance today. We will help you get customized coverage suited to Prescott, AZ needs.

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