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Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance in Arizona

Arizona is one of the country's at-fault states that require motorcycle owners to carry liability insurance to protect riders and other motorists on the road. Without the right coverage, you risk getting lawsuits, an aspect that could leave you with costly financial damages. To avoid this, Manzanita Insurance covers some crucial motorcycle insurance coverage options to use within Prescott, AZ.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is the state's compulsory insurance designed to provide motorcycle owners with bodily injury harm and property damage coverage. When you cause an accident, and other motorists are injured, this cover will pay for other parties' medical bills. If their property also gets destroyed or damaged in the accident, liability coverage helps pay for the replacement and damage costs.

Medical Payments Coverage

When you get injured during an accident, medical payment coverage ensures that your expenses are taken care of. This includes examination fees and costs of treatment arising from your bodily injury. Passengers are also covered by this policy, where policy terms allow for extra coverage, allowing them to get compensation for medical expenses incurred.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your motorcycle gets damaged from events such as fire, hail, and vandalism, comprehensive coverage reimburses you for property destruction. In addition to this, if your motorcycle is also stolen, this coverage will cater to replacement costs.

Collision Coverage

This coverage comes in handy when you get into a collision accident. Examples of such an accident include getting a head-on crash with vehicles, ramming into property and buildings, or hitting static poles on the road. During such incidences, collision coverage pays for the costs of property damage on your motorcycle.

Uninsured/Under-Insured Coverage

When your motorcycle gets damaged due to accidents involving uninsured motorists, you will likely incur significant repair or replacement costs. Uninsured coverage can help with this, helping you pay for such expenses. On the other hand, underinsured coverage will help you pay for your motorcycle damage when the at-fault motorist's coverage is inadequate.

If you are looking for a partner to help you get ahead of any emergencies during your Arizona drives, Manzanita Insurance will be your go-to. Call us today to help you get peace of mind as you traverse the Prescott AZ region.

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