How does commercial insurance cover so many different business types?

Commercial insurance covers many different business types. Manzanita Insurance in Prescott Valley, AZ can provide your business with a commercial insurance policy, but it may not look like the one your best friend’s business purchased. It may be even different than the one your dentist purchased. 

That’s because the term commercial insurance refers to a range of insurance policy types. It includes boiler insurance, equipment repair insurance, commercial liability coverage, commercial auto, and many others.

For example, the malpractice insurance that your doctor or nurse practitioner carries falls under the category of commercial insurance, as does the errors and omissions coverage that a manufacturer of heart valves or prosthetics purchases.

Every Policy Is a Custom Policy

When you contact us to say you need a commercial policy, we interview you about your business so that we only offer you the coverage you actually need. We won’t try to sell your business policies that it doesn’t require.

Most commercial coverage packages start with a business owners’ policy (BOP). This type of policy provides the four most frequently purchased policy types. You will receive the liability and property insurance coverage that each business requires for a reduced premium.

Custom Policies Control Costs

The custom package saves you money. Since you only pay for the types of coverage your specific business requires, you pay less than if you purchased an all-inclusive commercial package.

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