Why Liability Coverage for Your Boat Is so Important

Boat liability insurance in Prescott, AZ covers injuries and property damage to third parties after accidents. It can also include legal fees if you have to go to court because of an accident. Liability insurance for your boat is so important because even though boats are designed to be technologically advanced and safer, boating accidents still do happen no matter how careful you are. 

Even though liability coverage and boat insurance aren’t required in Prescott, AZ, many banks and marinas may require them. Liability insurance is the minimum standard of protection to meet these requirements. It’s recommended to get at least $1,000,000 in liability insurance. You may even want to consider more insurance if you have a powerful or faster boat that could cause more damage and is risky. How much liability coverage you need will depend on your unique financial situation and how risky your boat is. Speak with an agent at Manzanita Insurance to know how much liability coverage you should have. 

A collision with just a small powerboat can cause significant injuries. Even if you aren’t found liable for those injuries, you may still end up spending a significant amount of money in legal fees in order to defend yourself. Having basic liability coverage can be one of the best ways to protect yourself financially. 

Your home insurance policy won’t provide the liability coverage you need to meet the requirements of a marina or bank and, even if you don’t need any insurance, most home policies will not provide you with the right amount of coverage. Home policies covering boats are usually limited to boats of a certain value or size and don’t have necessary provisions designed to address the needs of avid boaters. 

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